The Road to Resilience

Manitoba can meet the goals set out in the IPCC’s 1.5 report. We have a community climate plan to do it.

Manitoba’s Road to Resilience is an achievable and concrete pathway to a climate resilient future. It lays out what is needed in order for us to feed, shelter, transport and produce electricity without the use of fossil fuels, with foundational chapters on nature, green jobs and the human impacts of climate change.

Under the pretext of being “practical,” many governments have chosen not to publicly discuss the urgency and scale of work required to adequately address the climate crisis. That means it is up to the community to find a pathway forward, and Manitoba’s Road to Resilience can provide the footholds. We want communities to read it, discuss it and add to future updates.

We invite you to read the Road to Resilience, advocate for further change and provide feedback to help make this vision a reality.

Who We Are 

Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT) is a coalition of environmental organizations in Manitoba working to create a road to climate resilience in our province. Member groups came together in late 2017 to independently review and consult with the public over the Province’s recently released Climate and Green Plan. CAT was formed one short year later when the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) 1.5 Report was released, stating that we have just 12 years (now 9) to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions.

With funding from the Winnipeg Foundation, CAT has hosted educational events around Winnipeg and produced the Road to Resilience, a comprehensive roadmap to meeting the emissions targets laid out in the IPCC 1.5 Report in Manitoba.

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A Resilient Future

To achieve a true and adequate resilience, Manitoba needs to focus on feeding ourselves, moving ourselves, and sheltering ourselves without the use of fossil fuels.



We need to move all goods and people without gasoline or diesal


We need to feed ourselves locally without fossil fuel fertilizers or diesel for machinery


We need to heat all of our buildings (old and new) affordably without natural gas