The Road to Resilience

Manitoba can meet the goals set out in the IPCC’s 1.5 report. We have a community climate plan to do it.

Manitoba’s Road to Resilience is an achievable and concrete pathway to a climate resilient future. It lays out what is needed in order for us to feed, shelter, transport and produce electricity without the use of fossil fuels, with foundational chapters on nature, green jobs and the human impacts of climate change.

Under the pretext of being “practical,” many governments have chosen not to publicly discuss the urgency and scale of work required to adequately address the climate crisis. That means it is up to the community to find a pathway forward, and Manitoba’s Road to Resilience can provide the footholds. We want communities to read it, discuss it and add to future updates.

We invite you to read the Road to Resilience: A Community Climate Action Pathway to a Fossil Fuel Free Future and Road to Resilience: Energy Solutions, advocate for further change and provide feedback to help make this vision a reality.

Who We Are 

Manitoba’s Climate Action Team (CAT) is a coalition of environmental organizations in Manitoba working together to envision, investigate, and promote a road to climate resilience in our province. Member groups came together in late 2017 to independently review and consult with the public over the Province’s recently released Climate and Green Plan. CAT was formed one short year later when the Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) 1.5 Report was released, stating how fast we need to drastically cut greenhouse gas emissions in order to prevent irreversible outcomes. This drove home the need for an intentional, collaborative, and grassroots effort to push toward the future that we want.

The 2023 provincial budget is too sparse on climate spending

Climate spending creates jobs, saves households money, and creates healthier, more equitable communities

Tackle ‘fossilflation’ with local clean energy

Renewable energy is locally generated energy, not exposed to corporate profit-taking or market swings.

Manitoba’s new climate target aims low, puts province further behind

A climate target is more than just a number. It is about vision, leadership, and planning, and the government’s target reveals a lack of all three.

2023 Provincial Budget Recommendations

You have the chance to demand the government take more meaningful action on climate now by participating in pre-budget consultations.

Climate Action Plans: Part 3

Climate-Shlimate… make whatever plans you want

Climate Action Plans: Part 2

Top-down, Bottom-up, Inside-out and Backwards

Climate Action Plans: Part 1

Mitigation, Adaptation and Implementation

Community Building Green Audits

In mid-January we had our first Community Building Green Audit meeting with Swan Lake First Nation, and it was a great success.

Manitoba government “affordability” announcement fails people and planet

Today’s announcement by Premier Heather Stefanson is playing politics with the affordability crisis and climate action.

Climate action requires provincial leadership

All governments must heed the dire warnings from United Nations scientists calling for action on climate.

A Resilient Future

To achieve a true and adequate resilience, Manitoba needs to focus on feeding ourselves, moving ourselves, and sheltering ourselves without the use of fossil fuels.



We need to move all goods and people without gasoline or diesal


We need to feed ourselves locally without fossil fuel fertilizers or diesel for machinery


We need to heat all of our buildings (old and new) affordably without natural gas

The work of Manitoba’s Climate Action Team is made possible thanks to funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada

Our mission is to provide a framework for individuals, organizations, and communities to communicate and collaborate on a non-partisan, specific, and actionable path that will help Manitoba achieve resilience to climate impacts and move swiftly toward a fossil-fuel free future.