The first section of Volume 3 of Manitoba’s Road to Resilience launches today, and we’re pleased to have the support of Manitoba businesses who are looking towards a stronger provincial economy

Members of Manitoba’s business community and local environmental organizations are highlighting the role climate solutions should play in creating a stronger, more prosperous provincial economy at today’s launch of Manitoba’s Road to Resilience: Policy Solutions.

“The Policy Solutions report focuses exclusively on opportunities that exist right now to save money for Manitoba households and businesses while reducing climate pollution,” says the report’s lead author, Curt Hull. “We are very pleased and honoured to have support from many local business owners who see the same exciting potential that we do.”

Derek Earl, chair of the new BizforClimate group, sees the shift away from fossil fuels to electricity as an exciting opportunity.

“It’s time to put the Road to Resilience recommendations into practice and make the necessary policy changes that will lead to an emissions-free, sustainable economy in Manitoba,” says Earl. “Let’s not shy away from the challenge – let’s embrace it, and make the necessary changes to ensure a brighter tomorrow for all.”

Given the most recent warnings from United Nations climate scientists and the emissions data for 2021 released just last week, there is an urgent need for the provincial government to accelerate the scope and scale of climate action. Manitoba and Alberta are the only provinces causing more climate pollution now than they did in 2005.

“We don’t manufacture any fossil fuels in Manitoba, so every year our economy loses $2 to $3 billion importing fossil energy that should be replaced with local, low-carbon electricity,” says Hull. “The status quo is both unsustainable and unaffordable as the costs of climate impacts and fossil fuels continue to rise. Provincial government leadership is desperately needed to implement a science-based climate action plan that keeps this money in our province.”

The Road to Resilience: Policy Solutions report is being released in stages. Subsequent events are being planned to highlight specific opportunities to improve Manitoba buildings and transportation sectors.

Click here for quotes from local businesses and organizations who have endorsed the report.

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