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According to a Probe Research poll, 90% of Manitobans are interested in receiving grant/rebates to complete efficiency energy retrofits and upgrades their homes. We know that these retrofits save money, and reduce GHGs – yet they’re out of reach for many Manitobans living in older, inefficient homes.

We’re looking for people to share their “I wish I could” home energy retrofit stories. We want to hear from you if you’ve been unable to decrease your energy bill through retrofits because of one (or more) of the following:

  • You qualify for a grant(s), but you don’t have the up-front cash needed to pay for the work prior to getting reimbursed.
  • You don’t know know what needs to be done in your home or what kinds of grants are available, making the process too confusing to start.
  • You don’t know if the upfront costs are financially “worth it” because you are unsure how long you will stay in your current house, and you don’t know if you’ll make your money back when you sell.
  • Current grants don’t come close to covering the work you need to do, and you are unable to afford the full costs yourself.
  • You’re a renter who doesn’t have control over completing retrofits in your home, yet you’re the one stuck with high energy bills.
  • Or maybe there’s something else stopping you? We would love to hear from you too.

Record a 1-3 minute selfie-style video, or 300(ish) word story sharing your experience about how you wish you could complete energy efficiency retrofits, but you haven’t been able to.

Why do you want to?

What’s stopping you?

What would you need in order to complete these upgrades? 

Videos and stories will be used to help educate policy makers about what Manitobans need to help make homes more energy efficient in order to both reduce costs, and reduce Manitoba’s GHG emissions.


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By submitting your stories here, you are giving Manitoba’s Climate Action Team permission to share them publicly. If you are interested in sharing your story privately, please write to us at

Home Energy Retrofit Stories Submission

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  • Trouble with your upload? Or have something to add on top of what you shared in your video about what you would need from policy makers to complete energy efficiency upgrades in your home?