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Consider Climate, Manitoba Media Launch

Manitoba Legislative Building 450 Broadway, Winnipeg

Manitobans concerned about climate change are gathering at the Manitoba Legislative Building on Wednesday, July 12th at 12:15 to launch a campaign focused on motivating leaders of Manitoba's provincial parties to include climate commitments in their platforms. The launch will include a brief overview of the campaign, including the ridings our team will be focusing […]

Swan Lake First Nation: Buy Less, Fix More, Trade Often (Virtual)

via Zoom

Workshop Description: Have you ever thought about the resources required to make your cell phone? Or what it took to produce the jeans you are wearing? From resource extraction to disposal, the materials economy has created a linear system of consumption on the finite planet we call home. This presentation covers ways to help our […]

Swan Lake First Nation: Backyard Composting (Virtual)

via Zoom

Workshop Description: Composting is a great way to reduce waste and at the same time reduce your environmental footprint. Learn how to recycle your kitchen scraps and yard waste into a rich natural soil amendment. Learn the benefits of composting, how to get started, key factors for successful composting, and how to use your finished […]